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What do we provide?

We provide top-notch house washing services with both pressure washing and soft washing.

Traditional pressure washing removes stubborn debris like pollen accumulation and old paint using water blasted at pressures over 2000 PSI.

Soft washing, which employs a gentle fluid to dissolve and erase accumulation on paneling and hard surfaces, is our go-to remedy for a dirty house. Due to the heavier impact of pressure washing, siding that is vulnerable to breaking is protected by this soft wash.

We have some great options when it comes to deciding how to restore your fence or deck. Many of our customers discover that a stain and sealant combo solution, like Total Wood Protectant (TWP), gives their wood a new look and offers durable coverage from water damage. We also use solid stains and wood sealants to give your project the finish and longevity you want.


Our concrete cleanup service is extremely thorough.

Concrete must first be covered in specialized cleansers that are available in the market at big box stores. After application, the dirt, grime, and mildew must be physically scoured off the concrete with a high-pressure washer. Pressure washers are quite expensive, and if they are handled improperly, the power they produce can damage your hard surfaces. Your concrete must be safeguarded after a thorough cleaning. To keep out future contaminants and maintain a clean surface for several years to come, we also apply a special sealer.


Whether you need help cleaning up your backyard toys or maintaining the safety of a playground, Columbia Outdoor Restoration can assist! By staying outside for prolonged periods of time, play equipment becomes dirty, and toddlers and young children handling it frequently raise additional safety concerns. To ensure that your house, nursery, chapel, or school is a healthy and safe atmosphere for children to explore and play, we use child-friendly cleaning and sanitizing procedures.


We are mindful that daily responsibilities can pile up and prevent you from maintaining and cleaning your patio. However, your lawn and landscaping may suffer if you are inconsistent and neglect to clean up your patio or yard. A disorganized patio can reduce the charm of your house or give the impression that a place of business is unwelcoming. With the aid of expert cleanup services, your lawn can appear excellent and prosper throughout the entire year.


In addition to drawing bugs, clogged gutters can retain water, which can compromise the foundation of your home. You may avoid having moldy siding, drooping gutters, or standing water in your yard by having your gutters cleaned twice a year. Regular home maintenance is essential for maintaining clean gutters, plus Columbia Outdoor Restoration can preserve the exterior of your home in good condition.


Remote cottages and outbuildings can be cleaned and refinished by us. Some of our earlier projects have demonstrated the dramatic impact that deep cleaning and repainting can have. It may transform the dilapidated cabin into something out of a scenic magazine, allowing you to unwind in style and safeguarding that distant refuge from the elements.

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