Deck & Fence Cleaning, Staining, and Resurfacing

Drab deck making you embarrassed to invite folks over? Fence looking greener than the lawn? Don’t worry a bit, Columbia Outdoor Restoration can get things looking better than new in no time. It all starts with a good cleaning to strip away dirt, grime, moss, or old finish. Then we can work together to find a protectant that will match your home aesthetics and provide great water and damage protection for your fence or deck. 

When it comes to choosing how to resurface your fence or deck, we have some fantastic options. Many of our clients find a stain and sealant combination product, such as Total Wood Protectant (TWP) provides a fresh look along with long lasting protection from water damage. We also work with wood sealants and solid stains to provide the finish and durability you are looking for.
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